Friday, May 13, 2011

Dictionary Page Art

The hubs and I are big Memphis Tigers fans and New England Patriots fans. We both went to Memphis, so that's understandable, but I really have no idea why we love the Patriots. We're not from Boston, never been to that area. But for some reason, we love the Pats. And I promise you it's not because Tom Brady is the quarterback. I know he's cute, but more importantly, he's a great quarterback! :D

When we bought our first home, I wanted to decorate with personal touches. I saw that people sell these kinds of things on Etsy, but why pay for it if you can make it yourself? I just printed out a page from a dictionary in black and white, and then printed out the logo on top of it.

Go TIGERS!!!!!


Someone from work asked that I made some for her (the first time I've sold a craft project!).

They are Saints fans

and White Sox fans

So at Christmas time last year, I decided to make something like this for my dad.

I'm proud to say that this now hangs in my parents' living room :)

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