Friday, May 13, 2011

Jewelry Hanger

I tend to get knots in my necklace chains, and it always drives me crazy. After I got a knot in the necklace my hubby got me for my birthday. (shout to the hubs for the most gorgeous necklace I've ever own!)

Because I can't resist, here is the necklace!

ok, back to the original topic. :) After I got a knot in this beautiful necklace and after we asked a jeweler to carefully remove the knot, I decided it was time to find a better way to store my necklaces. And I came up with this.
I used a frame, but removed the backing and the glass. And I use a cork board without a frame, ribbon, cute fabric, and push pins. Add it all together, and you get this. Now I have a cute way to store my necklaces and it looks like art. I plan on making another one with coordinating fabric, just in case my hubs decide to get me another necklace or two in the future. ;-)

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